Our primary focus is upholding the core values upon which we were founded over 10 years ago of integrity, quality and value with a customer service first mentality and the testimonials to prove it.
Customer satisfaction isn't just something we say, we have built our reputation by operating under the following principals:

Honest communication - We realize one of the most frustrating things for a customer is being given unrealistic timelines and a project dragging on and on.  We will always give our most honest time frame, good or bad, and if something changes we will immediately communicate to our customers and keep them in the loop throughout the whole process.

Up selling - We will never attempt to up sell a customer,  if an issue arises we approach it the same way we would in our own house by making an initial recommendation based on best 'bang for the buck' with a clear explanation of our analysis and if the customer so chooses offer other options that are available based on their specifications.

Nickle and Diming - There will always be small, unforeseen items that arise during the construction process.  When we give an estimate, that is what you will pay, we will never attempt to tack on additional charges for small items even if it wasn't in the original estimate. 

Availability - We will always be available to answer any questions, address concerns or provide an explanation regarding the job from start to finish.  We feel communication plays a very large role in ensuring continued customer satisfaction throughout the entire construction process.

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