Doma Enterprises has been serving as your premiere remodeling and renovation company in the Houston, Texas area since 1986. We specialize in designing and building your home or office projects. We are especially proud of our outdoor projects such as our decorative concrete patios, walks, and driveways, beautiful wood pergolas, decks, arbors, and custom built kitchens for outdoor cooking and grilling. We even design and build original and unique furniture for our customers.

One of our strengths is listening to our customers very carefully to ascertain their overall needs, translating their needs and ideas to paper, and then being able to have their projects materialize very quickly.
Communication is critical so that we can not only build a beautiful project, but, make our customers feel that they are getting exactly what they desire and feel comfortable along the way.

Our craftsmen are Masters and commited to excellence!

At Doma Enterprises we have certified safety training with Houston Area Safety Council and Industrial Safety Training Council. We believe safety is not something that you take for granted. We take pride in our craftsmanship, cleanliness and efficiency, and reasonable prices.

Our Services Include:
-Kitchen Remodeling
-Bathroom Remodeling (Featuring Bath Systems by Sentrel)
-Full Interior and Exterior Repairs
-Patios – Protico – Decks
-Exterior and Interior Painting

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4240 E St
Houston, TX 77072


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