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Ashoka Lion was developed to respond to the need for associations and real estate investors for their property management needs that allow them to avoid the hastles of day to day management of real estate.

Our commitment to efficient, quality services

Every year the firm has increased its efforts to provide a quality experience for clients. The firm’s goal was to provide efficient services by leveraging technology and forgoing cost that do not contribute to the client experience or our firm’s operational efficiency.

Ashoka Lion began moving to a paperless office environment in 2008.  For example, owner’s can access copies of invoices, financial statement, and other reports online. In 2009, we introduced to our tenants tenants can access their statements online, make repair request, and obtain copies of documents.  Additionally, we offered our owners and vendors the option of making deposits via ACH of owner’s draw by the 2nd week.

After three years of working to improve our timeliness of repairs and renovations, Ashoka Lion’s Houston operations opened a internal repair and remodeling division to help provide reliable, responsive service to our Houston client’s. A internal group provides us several advantages including: 1) Reliable Services 2) Quality Work 3) Cost Control.  Our goal is to expand these capabilities to our Dallas operations.

Our firm realizes that investors have many choices, and Ashoka Lion thanks you for “Following the Lion’s” for all your real estate needs.

  • Residential Investor Property Management

  • Small Multi-Family Property Management

  • Home Owner Associations

  • Condominium Associations

  • Townhome Associations

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